World Academy of Career Programmes

Aligning K12 education to new age careers of tomorrow

WACP offers a combination of two qualifications as part of its K12 Career Related Programmes.

These are International Diploma (Grade 11) and International Advanced Diploma (Grade 12) of 11 months each. WACP offers students a wide range of industry specific specialisations with a focus on new age careers.

The programme delivers in-depth studies and allows students to gain theoretical and practical skills needed to operate within the competitive landscape of the desired industry. It also paves way for Higher education pathways leading to a promising career trajectory.

Academic Philosophy

  • Innovative


    We provide relevant and up - to-date curricula, one that is abreast with the developments of the respective industry.

  • Interesting


    We maintain our students’ curiosity and interest levels; our education system is designed with an optimal mix of theoretical and practical concepts.

  • Independent


    We aspire to nurture and empower our students into well-groomed, confident and successful Professionals.

  • Industry


    We lay a high degree of emphasis on building relations within the industry; practical training, internships and workshops help in collaborating with the corporate world.

  • Intellectual


    We pursue excellence by playing a proactive role in constantly stimulating our students’ intellect.

  • Inspired


    We regularly provide challenging opportunities to motivate our students, and broaden their horizons.

  • Individualised


    We incorporate meticulous and personalized evaluation with on-going feedback, in order to ensure our courses are robust, and progress driven.

  • Ideal


    We aim to be recognized as a hub of excellence and strive towards building strong, serviceable and sustainable relationships within the industry.



At WACP we believe in holistic development of our students and create meaningful academic programmes in specialised career fields.

We set the stage for their higher education and career pathways.

Teaching methodology comprises of classroom sessions, master classes, case studies, capstone projects, practical training, group work and discussions. The approach is to have the right balance of theory, practice and experience. The "real world relevance" is vital throughout the programme.

Our teaching methodology is focused on Knowledge, Application and enhancing skills. These are the prerequisites for a successful corporate career. Our modern and enhanced curriculum has a blend of immersive industry exposure through the Practical Trainings & Internships, intensive personal and professional development through the classroom) sessions and workshops, combined with CSR activities, all come together to create an experiential learning process unlike any in the industry.



The WACP - CRS Certifications are coveted qualifications which recognize outstanding students by substantiating their conduct and professionalism to prospective employers. Academic excellence, dedication, project work, ingenuity and originality of ideas, communication skills coupled with a certain degree of confidence and flair are a few of the requisite attributes necessary to be awarded the WACP-CRS Certifications. It boosts one’s academic and resume credentials and gives an added advantage over other candidates in the world. WACP offers higher education career counselling to IBCP students so that they can make informed career choices.

In some countries due to regulations and requirements of institutions we may offer "Certificate" qualifications instead of "Diploma" qualifications.



  • WACP CRS has ongoing, continuous assessment, and students will receive Certification only after successful completion of the assignments & assessments.
  • In line with WACP Commitment to practice-based education, a large part of the assessment will relate to the demonstration of the student’s ability to synthesise classroom learning with real life scenarios of managing and running business.
  • Students will encounter many different kinds of assessment methods, for example: written exams, written assignments, portfolios, project work, reports, individual or group oral presentations and practical skills assessment.
  • The CRS will be assessed summatively, end of year assessments will take place in Year 1 & Year 2. It will be externally moderated by WACP


WACP counsels its students and assists them in planning their higher education journey by linking them with prominent universities worldwide. Upon completion of the IBCP programme with CRS in International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma students can opt for their choice of Undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes.

Student’s who complete the career-related programme with certification in International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma at K12 level have a clear advantage over other students. WACP counsels its students and assists them in planning their higher education journey by linking them with the right institutions around the world.